Interdisciplinary PhD in Mathematics and Statistics

Students must complete their primary program’s degree requirements along with the IDPS requirements. Statistics requirements must not unreasonably impact performance or progress in a student’s primary degree program.

IDS.190 Doctoral Seminar in Statistics
Probability (pick one)
6.436 Fundamentals of Probability
18.175 Theory of Probability
18.655 Mathematical Statistics
Computation & Statistics (pick one)
18.337/6.338 Numerical Computing and Interactive Software
18.338 Eigenvalues of Random Matrices
18.415/6.854 Advanced Algorithms
18.416/6.856 Randomized Algorithms
18.657 Topics in Statistics
9.520/6.860 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications
6.252/15.084 Nonlinear Optimization
6.256 Algebraic Techniques and Semidefinite Optimization
6.438 Algorithms for Inference
6.867 Machine Learning
Data Analysis (pick one)
18.367 Waves and Imaging
9.073/HST.460 Statistics for Neuroscience Research
9.272/HST.576 Topics in Neural Signal Processing
6.555, 16.456/HST.582 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
6.869 Advances in Computer Vision
IDS.131/6.439 Statistics, Computation and Applications