The Statistics and Data Science Center is an MIT-wide focal point for advancing research and education programs related to statistics and data science. The Center was created in 2015 with the goal of formalizing and consolidating efforts in statistics at MIT. The Center’s academic mission is to host and develop new academic programs, from a minor to a PhD in statistics and data science.

Amir Tohidi
May 25, 2023

From ad credibility to shopping habits

SES and IDPS student Amir Tohidi’s research combines economic and psychological insights with advanced computational methods to address interesti...

A map showing drifting buoy trajectories in the Gulf of Mexico superimposed on surface currents.
LIDS News | May 17, 2023

A better way to study ocean currents

A new machine-learning model from researchers including SDSC core faculty Tamara Broderick makes more accurate predictions about ocean currents, ...

David Gamarnik
May 15, 2023

David Gamarnik named IMS Fellow

Gamarnik received the award for contributions to discrete probability, including the theory of random graphs, algorithms and computations, as wel...

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