Fall 2022

Fall 2022

Sept 9       Yanjun Han (MIT)
                  Beyond UCB: statistical complexity and optimal algorithm for non-linear ridge        

Sept 16    Anette “Peko” Hosoi (MIT)
                 Short Stories About Data and Sports

Sept 30    Konstantin Tikhomirov (Georgia Institute of Technology)
                 Regularized modified log-Sobolev inequalities, and comparison of Markov chains

Oct 7         Jiaoyang Huang (University of Pennsylvania)
                  Efficient derivative-free Bayesian inference for large-scale inverse problems

Oct 14      *POSTPONED* Paromita Dubey (University of Southern California)
                  Geometric EDA for Random Objects

Oct 21       Zhou Fan (Yale University)
                 Maximum likelihood for high-noise group orbit estimation and cryo-EM

Oct 28      Ahmed El Alaoui (Cornell University)
                 Sampling from the SK measure via algorithmic stochastic localization

Nov 4       Marco Mondelli (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
                 Inference in High Dimensions for (Mixed) Generalized Linear Models: the Linear, the
                 Spectral and the Approximate

Nov 18     Julia Palacios (Stanford University)
                 Distance-based summaries and modeling of evolutionary trees

Dec 2       Jaouad Mourtada (ENSAE Paris)
                 Coding convex bodies under Gaussian noise, and the Wills functional

Dec 9       *POSTPONED* Gérard Ben Arous (NYU Courant)
                 High-dimensional limit theorems for Stochastic Gradient Descent: effective dynamics
                 and critical scaling

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