Sept 17        Lorenzo Rosasco (MIT/Universita’ di Genova) –
                    Interpolation and Learning with Scale Dependent Kernels

Sept 24       Boaz Barak (Harvard University)
                    Representation and generalization 

Oct 1           Devavrat Shah (MIT)
                    Causal Matrix Completion

Oct 8           Yihong Wu (Yale University)
                    Recent Results in Planted Assignment Problems

Oct 15         Yuting Wei (Wharton School at the University of Pennsyvania)
                     Breaking the Sample Size Barrier in Reinforcement Learning

Oct 22         Kevin Jamieson (University of Washington)
                     Instance Dependent PAC Bounds for Bandits and Reinforcement Learning

Oct 29         Ronen Eldan (Weizmann Institute of Science/Princeton University)
                    Revealing the Simplicity of High-Dimensional Objects via Pathwise Analysis

Nov 5          Morgane Austern (Harvard University)

Nov 12        Cynthia Rush (Columbia University)

Nov 19        Pragya Sur (Harvard)

Dec 3          Jesse Thaler (MIT)

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