Spring 2024

Feb 9 – Christian Wolf (MIT)
Empirical methods for macroeconomic policy analysis

Feb 16 – Pravesh Kothari (Princeton University)
Efficient Algorithms for Semirandom Planted CSPs at the Refutation Threshold

Feb 23 – Kengo Kato (Cornell University)
Entropic optimal transport: limit theorems and algorithms

Mar 1 – No Seminar

Mar 8 – Joan Bruna (New York University)
On Provably Learning Sparse High-Dimensional Functions

Mar 15 – Vitaly Feldman (Apple ML Research)
Efficient Algorithms for Locally Private Estimation with Optimal Accuracy Guarantees

Mar 22 – Mark Sellke – (Harvard University)
Confinement of Unimodal Probability Distributions and an FKG-Gaussian Correlation Inequality

Mar 29 – No Seminar

Apr 5 – Edward Kennedy – (Carnegie Mellon University)
Optimal nonparametric capture-recapture methods for estimating population size

Apr 12 – No Seminar

Apr 19 – Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT)
Lattices and the Hardness of Statistical Problems

Apr 26 – Reza Gheissari (Northwestern University)
Emergent outlier subspaces in high-dimensional stochastic gradient descent

May 3 – Franca Hoffmann (California Institute of Technology)
Consensus-based optimization and sampling

May 10 – Yair Shenfeld (Brown University)
Matrix displacement convexity and intrinsic dimensionality

May 17 – Gabriele Farina (MIT)


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