Interdisciplinary PhD in Social & Engineering Systems and Statistics

Students must complete their primary program’s degree requirements along with the IDPS requirements. Statistics requirements must not unreasonably impact performance or progress in a student’s primary degree program.

IDPS/SES ChairAli Jadbabaie

IDS.190 Doctoral Seminar in Statistics
Probability (pick one)
6.436 Fundamentals of Probability
18.175 Theory of Probability
Statistics (pick one)
18.655 Mathematical Statistics
18.6501 Fundamentals of Statistics
IDS.160 Mathematical Statistics – a Non-Asymptotic Approach
Computation & Statistics (pick one)
15.077 Statistical Learning and Data Mining
14.382 Econometrics
6.438 Algorithms for Inference
9.520 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications
17.804 Quantitative Research Methods III:  Generalized Linear Models and Extensions
14.381 Statistical Methods in Economics
6.434 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
6.867 Machine Learning
17.802 Quantitative Research Methods II:  Casual Inference
17.806 Quantitative Research Methods IV:  Advanced Topics
Data Analysis (pick one)
Any acceptable Data Analysis subject from the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Statistics of Econ or Math