Fall 2023

Sep 8 – Alex Wein (UC – Davis)
Fine-Grained Extensions of the Low-Degree Testing Framework

Sep 15 – Vasilis Syrgkanis (Stanford University)
Source Condition Double Robust Inference on Functionals of Inverse Problems

Sep 22 – No Seminar

Sep 29 – Vladimir Spokoiny (Humboldt University – Berlin)
Estimation and inference for error-in-operator model

Oct 6 – Nikita Zhivotovskiy (UC – Berkeley)
Sharper Risk Bounds for Statistical Aggregation

Oct 13 – Emmanuel Abbe (EPFL)
A proof of the RM code capacity conjecture

Oct 20 – Sam Hopkins (MIT)
The Full Landscape of Robust Mean Testing: Sharp Separations between Oblivious and Adaptive Contamination

Oct 27 – Stephen Bates (MIT)
Hypothesis testing with information asymmetry

Oct 27-*POSTPONED* Franca Hoffmann (California Institute of Technology)

Nov 3 – Anna Gilbert (Yale University)
Project and Forget: Solving Large-Scale Metric Constrained Problems

Nov 10 – No Seminar

Nov 17 – Jianfeng Lu (Duke University)
Analysis of Flow-based Generative Models

Nov 24 – No Seminar

Dec 1 – Lester Mackey (Microsoft Research)

Advances in Distribution Compression

Dec 8 – Nicolas Flammarion (EPFL)
Saddle-to-saddle dynamics in diagonal linear networks

Dec 15 – Zaid Harchaoui (University of Washington)

The discrete Schrödinger bridge, and the ensuing chaos


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