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Coding convex bodies under Gaussian noise, and the Wills functional

Jaouad Mourtada, ENSAE Paris

Abstract: We consider the problem of sequential probability assignment in the Gaussian setting, where one aims to predict (or equivalently compress) a sequence of real-valued observations almost as well as the best Gaussian distribution with mean constrained to a general domain. First, in the case of a convex constraint set K, we express the hardness of the prediction problem (the minimax regret) in terms of the intrinsic volumes of K. We then establish a comparison inequality for the minimax regret…

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Inference for Longitudinal Data After Adaptive Sampling

Susan Murphy, Harvard University

Abstract: Adaptive sampling methods, such as reinforcement learning (RL) and bandit algorithms, are increasingly used for the real-time personalization of interventions in digital applications like mobile health and education. As a result, there is a need to be able to use the resulting adaptively collected user data to address a variety of inferential questions, including questions about time-varying causal effects. However, current methods for statistical inference on such data (a) make strong assumptions regarding the environment dynamics, e.g., assume the…

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