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Stochastics and Statistics Seminar

Functions space view of linear multi-channel convolution networks with bounded weight norm

April 9, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Suriya Gunasekar, Microsoft Research


Abstract: The magnitude of the weights of a neural network is a fundamental measure of complexity that plays a crucial role in the study of implicit and explicit regularization. For example, in recent work, gradient descent updates in overparameterized models asymptotically lead to solutions that implicitly minimize the ell_2 norm of the parameters of the model, resulting in an inductive bias that is highly architecture dependent. To investigate the properties of learned functions, it is natural to consider a function space view given by the minimum ell_2 norm of weights required to realize a given function with a given network. We call this the “induced regularizer” of the network. Building on a line of recent work, we study the induced regularizer of linear convolutional neural networks with a focus on the role of kernel size and the number of channels. We introduce an SDP relaxation of the induced regularizer, that we show is tight for networks with a single input channel. Using this SDP formulation, we show that the induced regularizer is independent of the number of the output channels for single-input channel networks, and for multi-input channel networks, we show independence given sufficiently many output channels. Moreover, we show that as the kernel size increases, the induced regularizer interpolates between a basis-invariant norm and a basis-dependent norm that promotes sparse structures in Fourier space.

Based on joint work with Meena Jagadeesan and Ilya Razenshteyn.

For more information on this week’s speaker, please visit: http://sgunasekar.github.io/

MIT Statistics + Data Science Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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