Photo of Devavrat Shah

Devavrat Shah wins 2019 ACM Sigmetrics Test of Time Paper Award

July 22, 2019

Devavrat Shah, along with Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) alumni Shreevatsa Rajagopalan and Jinwoo Shin, received the prestigious ACM Sigmetrics Test of Time Paper Award for 2019. The award “recognizes an influential performance evaluation paper whose impact is still felt 10-12 years after its initial publication.”

Their paper, “Network adiabatic theorem: an efficient randomized protocol for contention resolution,” appeared in the Proceedings of ACM Sigmetrics 2009. The work designs an algorithm for resolution of contention between multiple entities accessing common resources that introduces an efficiency component to the widely-used Aloha-like algorithms. To achieve this, a novel adiabatic-like theorem was established for the underlying queueing network.

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