Tamara Broderick

When should data scientists try a new technique?
MIT News Office | January 27, 2023

SDSC core faculty Tamara Broderick and team develop new measure to help scientists decide which estimation method to use when modeling a particul...

Tetiana Herasymova

Research, education, and connection in the face of war
MIT News Office | January 20, 2023

“I wouldn’t let the aggressor in the war squash my dreams,” says Tetiana Herasymova, a Ukrainian mathematician who completed the MicroMasters Pro...

Stefanie Jegelka

Unpacking the “black box” to build better AI models
MIT News Office | January 09, 2023

SDSC core faculty Stefanie Jegelka seeks to understand how machine-learning models behave, to help researchers build more robust models for appli...

clip art of a smiley-faced balloon surrounded by barbed wire

Balancing Hope and Despair in Turbulent Times
The New York Times | December 01, 2022

An essay co-written by SDSC affliate Esther Duflo considers the opportunities and challenges facing the world in the new year and beyond

collected head shots of new faculty

New faculty join the School of Science in 2022
MIT News Office | November 17, 2022

SDSC core faculty Martin Wainwright among seven new professors this year

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