Statistics and Data Science Center affiliate Constantinos Daskalakis wins prestigious Nevanlinna Prize
MIT News Office | August 03, 2018

Professor of electrical engineering and computer science is honored for his contributions to theoretical computer science.

Jonathan Weed awarded Josephine de Karman Fellowship
IDSS Communications Office | July 27, 2018

SDSC congratulates Jonathan Weed for being awarded the 2017-2018 Josephine de Karman Fellowship.

Why the Data Marketplaces of the Future Will Sell Insights, Not Data
MIT Sloan Management Review | July 11, 2018

Data is recognized as a business asset, but we lack efficient ways to price it, says IDSS director Munther Dahleh. He proposes a marketplace that...

Automating molecule design to speed up drug development
MIT News Office | July 06, 2018

Machine-learning model could help chemists make molecules with higher potencies, much more quickly.

Method Man
MIT News Office | June 19, 2018

Alberto Abadie refines the tools of economics — and gets some interesting results along the way.