A photo of the MIT Prize for Open Data winners and honorable mention recipients

Rewarding excellence in open data
MIT News Office | November 16, 2023

Hammaad Adam (SES) accepted an MIT Prize for Open Data on behalf of the team behind Organ Retrieval and Collection of Health Information for Dona...

Explained: Generative AI
MIT News Office | November 09, 2023

SDSC faculty member Devavrat Shah joins other MIT experts to explain how powerful generative AI systems like ChatGPT work.

surgeons in an operating room

Anesthesia technology precisely controls unconsciousness in animal tests
MIT News Office | November 08, 2023

An advanced closed-loop anesthesia delivery system that monitors brain state to tailor propofol dose and achieve exactly the desired level of unc...

Yuling Yan

2024 IMS Lawrence D. Brown PhD Student Award winners announced
Institute of Mathematical Statistics | November 02, 2023

Yuling Yan, an IDSS and SDSC Norbert Wiener Fellow, is one of three students to receive the prestigious award.

a phone surrounded by thumbs up and thumbs down icons

In online news, do mouse clicks speak louder than words?
MIT News Office | November 02, 2023

Partisan media might deepen political polarization, but we should measure people’s media habits more carefully before drawing conclusions, say re...

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