image of Yuri Polyanski

Yury Polyanskiy wins the 2020 James L. Massey Award
LIDS News | June 29, 2020

IDSS and LIDS professor Yury Polyanskiy received the IEEE Information Theory Society’s 2020 James L. Massey Award, recognizing his outstanding ac...

IDSS grads in a Zoom gallery

IDSS honors 2020 graduates with virtual celebration
IDSS | June 25, 2020

IDSS 2020 graduates included one interdisciplinary PhD in Statistics and 17 undergraduates who minored in Statistics and Data Science in 2020.

Ariel MIT Campus

Team 2020 charts a course for MIT
MIT News Office | June 12, 2020

Key input for MIT's options for the 2020-2021 academic year included transmission models developed by the IDSS Covid-19 Collaboration (Isolat).

Esther Duflo MIT Commencement 2020

Professor Esther Duflo’s salute to advanced degree recipients
MIT News Office | June 01, 2020

IDSS affiliate and Nobel Economics laureate Esther Duflo, addressing the graduating class of 2020, says "it it is possible to make significant pr...

Researchers with the IDSS Covid-19 Collaboration (Isolat) are designing a control model for testing and isolating members of communities like MIT’s to reduce Covid-19 infection.

Isolat: a data-driven response to a pandemic
MIT News | May 15, 2020

Isolat, a volunteer collaboration organized by IDSS, informs coronavirus policy at MIT and beyond by analyzing data associated with the pandemic.