Joshua Angrist

MIT economist Joshua Angrist shares Nobel Prize
MIT News | October 11, 2021

SDSC affiliate cited for work building the foundations of “natural experiments” in economic research

surgeons around a patient in an operating theatre

Statistical model defines ketamine anesthesia’s effects on the brain
MIT News | September 21, 2021

SDSC core faculty Emery Brown, along with fellow neuroscientists at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, have developed a statistical framewor...

Themistoklis Sapsis

Taking on the stormy seas
MIT News | September 20, 2021

SDSC affiliate Themistoklis Sapsis tackles engineering problems associated with the unpredictable ocean environment and its effects on ships and ...

Suvrit Sra and Stefanie Jegelka

SDSC/LIDS faculty participate in newly funded NSF program on optimization-focused AI research
LIDS | July 30, 2021

A research team including Suvrit Sra and Stefanie Jegelka is poised to make advances with real-world impact in chip design, robotics and communic...

Alexander Madry machine learning

Aleksander Madry named the inaugural Cadence Design Systems Professor
MIT News | July 16, 2021

The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing awarded the new named professorship that supports outstanding faculty working in AI, machine learning, or...

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