A new computational technique could make it easier to engineer useful proteins
MIT News Office | April 03, 2024

MIT researchers including SDSC faculty Tommi Jaakkola plan to search for proteins that could be used to measure electrical activity in the brain.

a diagram of connections between random groups of people

Characterizing social networks
CEE | April 02, 2024

A new method explored by study lead author and SES/IDPS graduate student Arnab Sarker to measure homophily in large group interactions offers ins...

A view of the MIT main building from standing inside the sculpture The Alchemist

Second round of seed grants awarded to MIT scholars studying the impact and applications of generative AI
MIT News | March 28, 2024

SDSC faculty Ashia Wilson among 16 teams of MIT scholars selected to develop research papers analyzing the impact of generative AI on a broad ran...

Flooding and cleanup workers at a tropical oceanside city

MIT-derived algorithm helps forecast the frequency of extreme weather
MIT News | March 26, 2024

The new approach developed by researchers including SDSC faculty Themis Sapsis “nudges” existing climate simulations closer to future reality.

Tamara Broderick

Dealing with the limitations of our noisy world
MIT News | March 01, 2024

SDSC faculty Tamara Broderick uses statistical approaches to understand and quantify the uncertainty that can affect study results.

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